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new full keyboard type air mouse

Published:2013-8-26 9:51:24 Hits:2216

Recently, the Ritz-Lok Technology has launched a six-axis model SA106 Air mouse system products.

Air mouse is the Ritz SA106 music company developed a full keyboard type 6-axis wireless interactive devices, the use of advanced 2.4G spread spectrum technology, MEMS sensor algorithms and intelligent image stabilization technology, with cost-effective, communication distance, precise positioning and other characteristics, operation arbitrary. PCBA can be customized according to customer requirements and subtractions functions.

Main features:

1 using 6-axis gyroscope, coupled with excellent independent algorithms, precise control and smooth

(2) stable and reliable 2.4G wireless technology, the farthest distance up to 20 to 30 meters

3 The most advanced wireless FM technology, effectively avoid interference with other signals and WIFI

4 mini full keyboard, everyone familiar operating experience, relaxed chat typing

5 unique intelligent image stabilization design, performance comparable to the desktop mouse

6.USB end plug and play, using the universal standard HID protocol, USB keyboard and mouse can be used for all devices can be used, without any drivers and settings.

7 is entirely developed with complete design source files and the core algorithm to quickly respond to customer needs.

8 According to customer needs, customized to increase the infrared remote control, mouse, keyboard, voice, somatosensory game drives and other functions.

9 support multiple platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux

Detailed information, please click on the following links to learn: